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Medicaid Eligible Individuals and Providers:

That reside in 
Albany County, Please Call 1-855-360-3549
That reside in
Columbia County, Please Call 1-855-360-3546
That reside in
Greene County, Please Call 1-855-360-3545
That reside in 
Saratoga County, Please Call 1-855-852-3292
That reside in 
Schenectady County, Please Call 1-855-852-3291
That reside in 
Rensselaer County, Please Call 1-855-852-3293
That reside in 
Schoharie County, Please Call 1-855-852-3290
That reside in
Ulster County, Please Call 1-866-287-0983

Other Insurance:
Depending upon your medical plan we will coordinate with your insurance company for payment. Please check with your insurance carrier to see if medical transportation is covered.

All Other Individuals:   Call us directly at 518-649-3366

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To Schedule Your Medicaid Transportation: 

In all cases regarding Medicaid eligible individuals, prior authorization is required for non-emergency transportation. New York State has contracted with Medical Answering Services (MAS) to coordinate all medical transportation. 

Remember that YOU have to request Action Transportation, Inc. Once you request us, MAS will call us directly with your request. 


Call MAS first!!

Insurances covered

Private Pay - Cash - Credit Cards

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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

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