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Action Transportation Inc. 


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

2557 Hamburg St. schenectady, ny 12203 US

James J. Moloney,

Director of Operations

Mr. Moloney is the Company's Director of Operations.  Prior to joining the Company in 2015, James served as lead dispatcher and taxi driver for several locally based companies. James is responsible for all daily operations including dispatch, vehicle maintenance, driver responsibility and scheduling. James is a U.S. Veteran having served in the U.S. Army during Desert Storm (1991-1997).

Edie Sennett-Jozwiak

Director of Sales &


Edie is responsible for all the Company's marketing activities, including; marketing strategies, communications, public relations, community events, client relations as well as client  advocacy. Edie' has held the following positions: Director of Social Services at a large local nursing home, co-ordinator of a Long-term Care Ombudsman program, and Director of an Adult Day Care program. Other past responsibilities included coordination of programs with medical facilities, local government participation and funding, and  interpersonal development of customer and community relations.  Edie has a Masters in social work.

Ray Lasky, CPA,

Ray Lasky, practiced as a Certified Public Accountant for over 30 years. He also serves as President of Warwick Ventures, Inc., a financial services company. He has held executive positions in the health care transportation industry, including CFO of Response Medical Transport Company and Air Response, Inc., two related companies. Both companies delivered air ambulance, and non-emergency medical transportation services. Mr. Lasky founded Action Transportation, Inc. in the spring of 2013. Ray obtained his degree in Accounting from SUNY@Plattsburgh.


Cheryl Martino,

Director  of Human Resources

Cheryl is primarily responsible for all personnel, employee relations, payroll functions, employee paperwork and government compliance.  Prior to joining the company full-time in 2014, Cheryl previously worked as a Case Manager for a local large profit organization.